Easter Egg E2 130g

Easter Egg E2 130g

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Delicious flavoured Candy Easter Egg.  Available in different Colours and Flavours 
All our products are made to order, individual and hand crafted, so please be patient regarding delivery, we will have your Easter Egg to you as soon as possible.

Product Description

Delicious flavoured Candy Easter Egg.

Available in different colours and  flavours. (Purple/Blackcurrant, Blue/Bubble gum, Yellow/Banana, White/Lemonade, Pink/Musk, Orange/Mango, Green/Lime, Purple/ Aniseed). You choose the front and a different colour/flavour on the back. 

Please note if you would like both colours together, please contact us via email, we are happy to make special requests. 

Two decorative flowers.

Size 130mm x 100mm (roughly size of a mango)


Personalised Easter Eggs

Our Easter Eggs can be personalised with names or message.

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