Easter Egg Baby Pack 5 130g

  • $6.70

Ideal for Kids and the Big Kids at Heart or sharing with family or friends with having five Eggs with different flavours and colours.

Packet contains Five little oval eggs (size of a chicken egg)

These Eggs have five flavours/colours consist of  (Purple/Blackcurrant, Grape , Blue/Bubble gum, Yellow / Banana, White/Lemonade, Pink/Musk, Orange/Mango, Green/Lime or Spearmint ) . Which flavour is your favourite. 

Product Description

Packet Size 145mm x 220mm

Delicious five flavours (Blackcurrant , Grape, Bubble gum, Banana, Lemonade, Musk, Mango)

Eggs are standard colours and flavours 


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